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SOI Resort in Farm with a total area of 27 hectares, is uniquely designed in a natural style to help you enjoy a peaceful and energetic natural environment, a relaxing space close to nature with trees and sky, bring you a natural experience. Gravel Resort in Farm has many orchards, mountain terrain, with springs, and natural lawns. Utilities suitable for sports activities such as swimming pool, water spray, tennis court, sasuke ...


The farm is located between the immense green color of the primary forest and green fields. The favorable natural climatic topography has created a strongly developed husbandry, agriculture and forestry area. The Resort In Farm Soi Education Farm was born with enthusiasm for the preservation of the national culture of the region of love for children and love of agriculture.
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Discount for Christmas 2020

On the occasion of Christmas 2020 Gravel Resort in Farm discounts 10% for all services: resort, dining, conference, seminar, entertainment .. Quickly contact us for advice today. ...
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Discount for all services at Soi Resort in Farm

Soi Resort in Farm would like to announce to all of you the special offers on the occasion of the opening: 4 villas with 32 rooms; 14 community houses serving 200 guests at the same time ...
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New year promotion 2021

The old year is about to pass, the new year 2021 is coming. To welcome the year 2021, the Resort in Farm Gravel Resort in Farm offers a discount of 10% on all services: resort, dining, conference, seminar, entertainment. Quickly contact us ...
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The most attractive valentine promotion

Making a meaningful gift for this day is also a very stressful task. But do not worry, this year Gravel Resort in Farm will have suggestions for perfect gifts for this Valentine's Day and along with many very attractive valentine promotions ...
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